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Andrew Sanchez - (Director/Owner - Sports and General Podiatrist)

About The Podiatrist

Andrew is the Founder and Senior Podiatrist of The Foot Movement Podiatry. Prior to building this Podiatry service in Northmead, Andrew offered Podiatry services in Inner West Sydney. Andrew is friendly and thrives to build good strong relationships with his patients. He truly believes and has a passion for helping others achieve a better quality life! He believes that your quality of life will be better if you are pain free and can do normal everyday activities with no hassle.

In addition to running  The Foot Movement, Andrew also works at the Balmain Sports Medicine as a Sports Podiatrist. If it’s convenient for you to see Andrew in Balmain, he is available for consultations every Tuesday and Wednesday. Having access to the state of art facilities and top multidisciplinary team at Balmain Sports Medicine, Andrew has further developed his skills and offers further services to best achieve patient focused goals. Having seen the benefit of a multidisciplinary team, Andrew has established a healthy referral network within the Parramatta and Hills District.

Having played club soccer from a young age, Andrew has gained a passion for providing services to people to help them maintain a healthy active lifestyle with pain free feet. The name “The Foot Movement”defines his core belief that our feet are the foundation to our body’s movement, and to have movement pain free is the keystone to achieving greater things and living a better life one day at a time!

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Available for consultations in Northmead Monday, Friday and Saturdays also available every Thursday in Carlingford.

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Podiatry Services Carlingford

Available for consultation in Concord West inside Pinnacle Spine and Sports every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Late appointments available.

Edwin Rajkumar

About The Podiatrist

Edwin completed his Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine at Western Sydney University, and has since dedicated his career to private practice. With a keen interest in biomechanics, musculoskeletal management, and Children’s podiatry, Edwin brings a specialized focus to work. He is equally skilled in general skin and nail care, performing nail surgeries, orthotic therapies, and managing diabetic foot conditions.


In his role as a General and Sports Podiatrist, Edwin is an integral part of a multidisciplinary healthcare team. Here, he works collaboratively with a range of health professionals to deliver comprehensive care tailored to each patient’s needs.


Outside of his professional life, Edwin is deeply dedicated to personal development and giving back to the community. He has a strong passion for fitness, values quality moments with his family, actively seeks out new adventures, and is always eager to offer assistance wherever needed. Professionally, Edwin’s motivation stems from a commitment to reducing pain and enhancing the overall quality of life for his patients. He finds great fulfillment in providing support, all aimed at promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle for those he serves.

Our Three Locations

With ample parking and easy accessibility, we are located in the following locations:

Northmead Location

(Open Monday, Friday and Saturday)

Shop 12-16/2-6 Campbell Street, Northmead NSW 2152

New Carlingford Location

(Open Thursdays)

160 Bettington Road, Carlingford 2118

Concord West Location

17 Victoria Avenue, Concord West 2138


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