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The Foot Movement: Premier Solution for Shin Splints in Carlingford and Northmead

Located in the heart of Carlingford, Northmead and Concord, The Foot Movement has garnered a reputation for being the top-tier destination for individuals experiencing shin splints and various other foot-related concerns.

Understanding Shin Splints

For many Aussies, the term shin splints might sound all too familiar. Characterised by a throbbing or aching pain along the shin bone, this condition can be a real hindrance, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle. Whether you’re a sportsperson, a weekend jogger, or someone who loves an excellent walk in the woods, shin splints can seriously damage your plans.

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Why Choose The Foot Movement?

Expertise in the Aussie Terrain

While the beauty of the Australian landscape is unparalleled, the diverse terrains, from the beaches to the bush, can sometimes contribute to the onset of shin splints. Our team understands this like no other and crafts solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the Australian terrain.

Located Right Here

For those in Carlingford, Northmead and Concord, relief is just a hop, skip, and jump away! You don’t need to venture far to receive the best foot care.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

With a commitment to offering the latest treatments and preventive measures, we constantly update our knowledge and techniques to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

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Preventing Shin Splints

Prevention, as they say, is better than cure. Apart from treating shin splints, we’re big believers in helping our community take steps (pun intended!) to avoid the onset in the first place. Some tips to keep in mind:


Wear Proper Footwear: Ensure your shoes offer good support and cushioning.


Don’t Overdo It: Gradually increase the intensity of your activities. Those beautiful Aussie landscapes aren’t going anywhere!


Stay Flexible: Incorporate stretching exercises to maintain the flexibility of your muscles, reducing the strain on your shins.

Trust Local

At The Foot Movement, we’re more than just a clinic; we’re a community. Serving Carlingford, Northmead, Concord and the surrounding regions, our dedication goes beyond the walls of our establishment. Our passion lies in ensuring the foot health of our mates in the local community, allowing them to embrace the Australian way of life, full of outdoor adventures and footy games, without a hitch.

Get in Touch

Are you struggling with shin splints? Or do you want to learn more about foot health in the Aussie context? Don’t be a stranger! Drop by our clinics in Carlingford, Northmead or Concord, or give us a bell. The Foot Movement is here to ensure you always put your best foot forward.

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